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Cloud Migration


Greenfield Vs Brownfield Development: Which Strategy Is Right For You?

​Migrating to the cloud is hard…very hard. For any company to move an application to the cloud successfully is a monumental achievement. Doing so while also transforming your company into a cloud-centric, cloud-native company. Well, that’s even harder. But it is not impossible. In fact, it happens every day. Even…

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DevOps as a Service


How To Hire DevOps Engineer: An Ultimate Guide

Application development is a chaotic process with multiple teams having preferences of tools working on software artifacts and making it to be pushed to the production server without a technical glitch. Achieving experience in releasing software like this is tougher said than done, but it is 100% possible with the…

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DevOps as a Service


Terraform vs CloudFormation: Which Is The Best IaC Tool?

Infrastructure as code has become the industry standard and developer’s first choice to deploy the complete infrastructure for application development. As IaC supports resource deployment in a declarative way, developers get complete control over their infrastructure, and it becomes easy to maintain the infrastructure since they need to review the…

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DevOps as a Service


Repeatable and Adaptive Processes Driving DevSecOps Demand

Many companies struggle to balance the speed and frequency of releases with an established paradigm of handling security and compliance. The question is how organizations can make peace between the two and focus on accelerating the adoption of model cloud technologies offering the flexibility and scalability to respond faster to…

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Cloud Security and DevSecOps


How DevSecOps Keep The Application Secure

The presence of a cloud security expert is essential in your IT department. If you haven’t already, it’s time to have them sit at the table and listen to their voice for robust security implementation.  Why? The cyber security landscape has changed dramatically over the past several years, and what…

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Application Modernization

Successive Blog Serverless

Serverless Computing: What Is It And Why It Matters To Enterprises?

Provisioning and managing the infrastructure of an application consumes the developer’s most productive hours and leaves no time for innovation. Serverless computing solves this problem. It has become a new form of architecture programmed for cloud platforms and is changing the way applications have been built, tested, deployed and consumed.…

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