Cloud Security


Cloud Security

Successive Cloud follows a holistic approach to deliver cloud security services. We help you achieve the cloud security capabilities through automation and integrate the framework and technologies that secure both the application and pipeline. We believe in open collaboration with clients to set the common expectation & metrics and channelize the business priorities accordingly.

Our cloud security approach includes:

  • Ongoing security control & configuration management
  • Continuous monitoring metrics and analysis
  • Threat intelligence delivery
  • Incident response and recovery coordination

Successive Cloud Can Help You

Assign least privileges and enforce secure access control

Isolate containers running services from each other

Secure all your APIs and reduce exposed APIs

Automate security testing and security updates

Automate configuration capabilities and eliminate manual error

Leave no blind spot and apply incremental improvements

Our Cloud Security Services

We provide customized cloud security operation solutions that suit your cloud journey. Be it embedding security during the initial stages of digital transformation or improving cloud operations, cloud security expert protects your systems, data, and infrastructure through a set of policies and new-age toolchain with best practices.

Cloud Security Assessment

Review cloud migration readiness, provide security & risk assessment for cloud applications, cloud APIs and integrations, cloud forensics, and discovery assessments.

Cloud Protection Services

Implement identity and access management, threat intelligence, data protection, application and infrastructure protection processes, and network security.

Cloud Security Implementation

Design & deploy multi-tenant cloud security solutions including discovery of critical assets and redress identified threats.

Cloud Security Governance

Design and build cloud security governance policies & frameworks, assess compliance with regulatory standards, and bridge the gaps that need to be addressed.

Cloud Security Monitoring

Being a cloud security company, we provide ongoing monitoring, and support one or more security controls for cloud, ensure logging, alerting capabilities, and test incident response plans.

Cybersecurity Services

Assess, reduce and manage security risks while providing infrastructure and endpoint security, incident response and intelligence, SIEM & DLP services.

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Business Continuity Ensured Against Cyber Threats With Ethical Hacking

A global IT consulting and service provider wanted to identify security exploits in applications and systems by purposefully performing malicious techniques using penetration testing methods. They wanted to discover how systems will respond to a real cybersecurity threat and leverage the data to fix the security flaws.

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Web Application Security Ensured With Penetration Testing

Nokia wanted to leverage security engineering expertise to conduct ethical hacking on an application to expose vulnerabilities and security flaws. They wanted to test the strength of the implemented security and update it with help of black box penetration testing to maintain compliance and ensure user trust and business continuity.

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Transportation and Logistics


DevSecOps Implemented In A Multi-Cloud Environment

StratumFive aimed to build a cloud-native, highly available, scalable, and flexible multi-cloud platform to efficiently perform up to 8B data values processing per day. They also hoped for investing in new data technologies to drive their Digital transformation for better customer value.

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