Container as a Service

Adopt a containerized architecture for your applications and seamlessly solve infrastructure and management concerns for their development and deployment. Successive Cloud has the expertise to accelerate the adoption of containers and move deployment strategy into production that lets you operate and scale confidently.

Whether you need assistance moving your application to production or need to enable automated and secure deployments, we can help speed up your innovation by leveraging advanced architectures. Our container as a service offering allows you to run your containerized applications and workloads in a truly scalable, standard, repeatable, and reliable manner.

Successive Cloud Can Help You

Increase Better Server Efficiency, And Cost-Effectiveness While Reducing Overheads

Execute Portability Across Infrastructure And Environments

Ensure Fault Isolation For Applications And Microservices

Standardized Management Through Container Orchestration

Our Container As A Service Offering

Successive Cloud helps you avoid vendor lock-in and enable a hybrid cloud service delivery strategy that meet your use cases, including legacy applications, microservices-based cloud-native development, and advanced cloud computing such as AI/ML. With our container as a service offering, we ensure faster time to application service delivery and lower the costs and challenges of adopting the latest container strategies.

Container As A Service

Package The Application And Its Dependencies Together Into One To Run It On Any Operating System Or Cloud Infrastructure.


Run Multiple Parts Of An App Independently In Microservices With Greater Control Over Individual Pieces And Life-Cycles.

Kubernetes As A Service

Fully Implement And Manage Applications Over Container-Based Infrastructure That Spans Multiple Containers And Cluster Of Hosts.

Container Orchestration

Automate The Deployment, Load Balancing, Scaling, Networking, And Life Cycle Management Of Containers.

Multi Cloud Containers

Operate Containers Across Multi Cloud Infrastructure Environments For Cost, Flexibility, Portability, Or Scalability.

What Can You Containerize






Web Servers

We Follow An Industry Defined Approach

Operational Excellence

Ability To Run And Monitor Applications To Deliver Business Value


Ability To Protect The Workloads, Application And Infrastructure


Ability Of The System To Recover From Infrastructure Failure

Performance Efficiency

Ability To Use Cloud Infrastructure And Resources Efficiently

Cost Optimization

Ability To Achieve The Business Objectives At The Lowest Cost

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We have strong partnerships with the world's top tech and cloud infrastructure companies

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Results Driven

We help our clients achieve their goals such as increased revenue and brand value by ensuring that their technical strategy is supporting their business objectives.

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Strong Solutioning And Implementation Capabilities With Technology Within Enterprise Web, Enterprise Mobile Apps, Digital Experiences, Innovation, Creative, Data And Cloud.

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Our Best-In-Class Operations, Delivery Methods, And Tools Help Accelerate Clients Programs.

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With Our Rapid Prototyping And Accelerators, We Launch Programs Faster, Helping Clients Speed Up Their Time To Market.