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Successive is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, offering consulting services exclusively focused on AWS solutions. We are helping enterprises to transform their IT landscape with tangible benefits such as automation, modernization, augmented security & agility, and reduced costs. We follow a holistic and value-driven approach to not only reinvent the applications and data in cloud adoption, but also optimize the cost around managing and maintaining infrastructure and applications. Our AWS competencies include DevOps, Migration, Application Modernization, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Security, Containerization & Serverless, SRE, and Advanced Data Analytics. Our team of cloud experts allows you to focus on your core business while enabling next-gen cloud-native applications with AWS.

Our AWS Consulting Offering

To accelerate your cloud journey with AWS platform, we provide a portfolio of cloud services to architect, migrate, and optimize your workload while unlocking and expanding the business transformation for greater agility and operational resiliency.

Cloud Strategy

  • Cloud architecture consulting
  • Containerization consulting
  • Cloud migration and strategy

Cloud Enablement

  • Hybrid-Cloud/Multi-Cloud
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cost optimization

Cloud Migration

  • Application migration
  • Data migration
  • Infrastructure migration

DevOps And CI/CD Pipeline

  • Modern app development
  • Automation, security and testing
  • Infrastructure-As-Code(IaC)

Development And Modernization

  • Cloud-Native development
  • Serverless adoption
  • Application modernization


  • Microservices adoption
  • Container orchestration with kubernetes
  • Service mesh enablement

Security And Compliance

  • Data and application security
  • Cloud-Native security
  • Cyber and strategic risk

Data And Analytics

  • Data strategy & POCs
  • Big data & advanced analytics
  • BI dashboards & MLs

Cloud Operations

  • Site reliability engineering
  • Monitoring and operational excellence
  • Application and infrastructure support

Sectors and Industries

Our strong expertise and customer base is around regulated industries

Media And Entertainment

Financial Services

Retail And E-Commerce

SaaS And Tech Platform




AWS Cost Optimization

Our Certifications

Our AWS Badges

Well Architected Approach

Operational Excellence

Ability to run and monitor applications to deliver business value


Ability to protect the workloads, application and infrastructure


Ability of the system to recover from infrastructure failure

Performance Efficiency

Ability to use cloud infrastructure and resources efficiently

Cost Optimization

Ability to achieve the business objectives at the lowest cost

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