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Cloud Migration

Ultimate Guide Cloud Migration

The Ultimate Guide To Cloud Migration Services

Cloud computing has made significant progress, but not many companies have successfully migrated to it. The key to a successful migration is a well-planned, step-by-step process that simplifies and speeds up the process. We have assisted numerous clients in adopting a transformation roadmap for their cloud migration journey, and we…

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Cloud Native

Containerization of Application

What Does Containerization Of An Application Mean?

The software development industry has been revolutionized by application containers, which offer developers a flexible and scalable means of developing, deploying and managing microservices. As containerization has gained popularity, the use of application containers has become more widespread, resulting in a wide range of different use-cases explored and adopted in…

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DevOps as a Service


Cloud Financial Management And Optimization: An Overview

More than ever, today’s companies in every industry deliver value to their customers with technology. DevOps has allowed companies to accelerate technology delivery to meet customer demand using the cloud. But this shift has put purchasing power in the hands of developers in ways that have broken traditional procurement. Engineers…

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Cloud Enablement


Why Should You Tag All Your Cloud Resources?

The rapid adoption of public cloud services requires companies of all sizes to define their cloud governance needs. Although it is easy to get into the cloud, power up virtual machines (VMs), arrange storage, and run applications or other workloads, companies are faced with the problem of not being able…

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Application Modernization


DevOps and Microservices: Impact on Enterprise Applications

DevOps and Microservices are the foundation of modern software development practices and cloud-native applications. Microservices, along with DevOps, lay the foundation for designing agile software applications for enterprises. DevOps and microservices architecture allows organizations to deploy cloud-based applications as independent services. As microservices and DevOps are complementing each other, enterprises…

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Cloud Enablement

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Ultimate Guide To Cloud & Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a process of opting for on-demand IT resources such as compute, storage, networking, databases, software, analytics, and intelligence, typically over the internet and on a pay-as-you-use basis. Rather than setting up their own computing infrastructure or data centers, businesses can rent computing resources from cloud service providers…

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Cloud Security and DevSecOps

Cyber Security

Importance of Cyber Security In Cloud And Five Best Practices To Achieve It

Cloud computing has become a must for companies seeking to accelerate innovation and collaboration. Not only enterprises but SMEs have also expanded the adoption of cloud services, especially being hit from Covid-19. Although the pandemic situation fosters digital transformation more with cloud services. It invites increased complexity in cloud computing…

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