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Application Modernization


Why Do Enterprises Need Application Modernization?

In the early days of the evolution of technologies, enterprises adopted digital transformation as a survival mechanism. Sooner or later, companies realized digital transformation is a never-ending process. Instead of considering it a survival strategy, digital transformation has been viewed as a continuous improvement serving varied business objectives. Therefore, enterprises…

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Market Insights


Why Optimizing Cloud Costs Become A Priority For Enterprises?

With consumption-based cost models of cloud computing services for infrastructure and operations management, you pay for what you use, but you also pay for what you provision and don’t use. Organizations have quickly realized this transition and identified the strategic gap that traditional methods of managing infrastructure spending in the…

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SRE as a Service


How To Plan Preventive Maintenance For Networks And Servers

Businesses rely heavily on their networks and servers, and regular server maintenance must be performed to keep them functional. Preventive maintenance keeps servers running as expected and allows businesses to operate smoothly and avoid downtime or loss of data. This includes reviewing server performance, ensuring that automated system monitoring utilities…

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Cloud Enablement


Why Do You Need Resilience Over Disaster Recovery in 2022 and beyond?

It is no secret that every organization believes in disaster preparedness and business continuity. Companies are emphasizing disaster recovery and developing digital resilience to ensure business continuity. But what does this plan look like when tested in a real-world scenario? When we delve deeper into past events around the world…

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Cloud Enablement


How To Plan Cloud Backup Only Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Cloud backup strategy or a backup plan is crucial for every small and large-scale organization. As a part of a strategy, cloud backup refers to the process of sending a copy of a physical or virtual file or database to a secondary off-site location for preservation. The secondary storage systems…

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Cloud Enablement

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Developing IT Business Continuity Plan With Disaster Recovery

According to IDC, on average, an infrastructure failure can cost USD $100,000 an hour, and a critical application failure can cost USD $500,000 to USD $1 million per hour. Businesses now recognize that some services of the organization have to be delivered continuously without interruption. Global pandemic, recession, natural disasters,…

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Cloud Migration

Data Migration

What is Cloud Migration? Importance & How To Migrate To The Cloud?

If you are from a business, you must get to hear this term “move to the cloud” very often from every vendor or even from your own people if you have contacted them for some sort of solutions for cost optimization or to avail higher performance & availability or resiliency.…

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Cloud Enablement


Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing: Why? And How?

Disasters are inevitable. You just don’t know how, when and in what size it will impact you. Cloud disaster recovery could save you from the uncertainties popup in running and operating business at time of disaster. Be it a common hardware or software failure, human errors or natural phenomena, disaster…

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