Implement DevSecOps in a multi-cloud environment

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The aim of StratumFive was to build a cloud-native, highly available, scalable, and flexible multi-cloud platform to efficiently perform up to 8B data values processing per day. They also hoped for investing in new data technologies to drive their Digital transformation for better customer value.


The Client was facing some challenges in existing multi-cloud architecture to support the new business ideas as their old processes were reliant on manual intervention that could lead to non-compliant systems and massive technical debt. They were perplexed as to how to leverage cloud advantages like automation, DevSecOps with CI/CD, IaC, environment synchronization while ensuring more sophisticated security and accountability methods effectively.

Solutions and Outcomes

After looking at the technical complexities of the project and prerequisites of the client’s business, we helped StratumFive to increase their deployment velocity by validating infrastructure in the SDLC. We built agile and easily scalable application architecture while running Serverless Kubernetes Pods Using Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate and made multi cloud- GCP, AWS, Azure to interact each other via APIs , IaC with Terraform.
Integration of DevOps with CI/CD pipeline was done after following certain compliances and security best practices. Keeping BCP and DR with Velero in our solution helped them to achieve reduced downtime. Centralized ownership of applications and microservice orchestration along with cost optimization were implemented right from the beginning of the project development, helping the client keep track of cloud expenses while achieving the desired performance and availability of Podium to its end users.

Technology Stack

Terraform, Prometheus, Grafana, Google Auth, OAuth2 Proxy, Azure DevOps to setup CI, GitHub Repository, Git branching, Kong, barebone EKS with AWS Fargate, Route53, S3 Bucket, Vault, AWS IAM, CloudTrail, CloudFront, STS, and AWS GovCloud, .NET Core, Python, Java, JavaScipt/Typescript and VueJS.


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