EdTech Platform Developed & Deployed On Multicloud Case Study




Stride Inc. wanted to create an EdTech platform that supports interactive learning and teaching based on high-end technologies. The aim was to promote adaptive and personalized learning among students.

Business Requirements

Intending to reinvent learning and teaching experiences in the age of mobile devices, Stride Inc wanted to develop Stride Edge – an EdTech application. The applications need to be built on leading technologies to support one-stop experiences, including online learning & tech-enabled assessments, computer-based training, m-learning, learning record store, training management systems, and many more features while meeting 99.99% SLA.

Solution & Outcome

Keeping the client’s comprehensive needs and application infrastructure requirements in mind, our seasoned professionals, began the project development with a roadmap and eliminated all potential risks in the initial phase. It allows the team to define and design the application’s architecture with precise requirements, such as developing the app using microservices, serverless, hybrid, and multicloud environments. To ensure high performance, availability, scalability, and enhanced user experience, we consolidated only the top technology stack right from designing, development, and deployment using Adobe Experience Cloud, Azure, and AWS along with Node.Js, React.Js, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Kibana, Logstash, New Relic, OKTA, and many others tools, libraries, frameworks, and platforms. We developed the application following CIS standards enabling users to access the course content easily irrespective of the device. We embedded security, used automation, implemented comprehensive monitoring, and integrated a secure payment gateway, ensuring smooth onboarding on the platform and engaging experiences for all.

Technology Stack

AWS; VPC, WAF, CloudFront, API Gateway, Route 53, Elastic Kubernetes Cluster, Amazon S3, KMS, DynamoDB, Elastic Container Registry, Elastic Load Balancer, Kibana, Logstash, New Relic, OKTA, Azure AD, REST & GraphQL, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Docker, Qualys, React.js, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap4, WCAG 2.0 AA Standards, PWA & AMP Standards



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