Dentsu International Leverages Azure Cloud Data Platform

Media and Advertising



Dentsu International aimed to drive a competitive advantage for themselves and their vast portfolio of clients by unleashing data with cloud technologies. They wanted to put company-owned data into use for better decision-making, process improvement, and operational excellence.

Business Requirements

To re-engineer a company-wide workflow supported by better data accessibility. The client needed a unified system embedded with modern data technologies, allowing them to manage, measure, control, analyze, and leverage logs.

Business Challenges

As a media and advertising enabler, Dentsu International is collecting data from multiple sources, which need to be consolidated into a robust data platform. Storage of extensive batched data, automating data pipeline deployment, rewriting business logic, and deploying them while meeting unique operational requirements were some challenges to ensuring value-generating systems.

Solution & Outcome

By leveraging our Azure consulting partnership, our data and analytics experts prepared a complete roadmap to build and deploy the data pipeline on the Azure cloud. With the help of Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Data Lake Storage, we created cloud-based ETL and data integration services allowing clients to consolidate data from 200+ sources. We orchestrated data pipelines, transformation, and preparation using Airflow and Trifacta. Our team uses React.js for UI development and Microsoft Power BI to enable clients to avail interactive paginated reports and data visualization experience. Successive helped the client streamline their entire media workflow-from client onboarding to visualizing campaign data for better decision making and operational excellence.

Technology Stack

Azure Blob storage, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1, Microsoft Power BI, Trifacta, Airflow, React.js


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