Built Cloud-Agnostic Architecture With Zero Downtime Deployment

Media and Advertising


Dentsu International aimed to improve its media ecosystem by enhancing its IT landscapes, analytics, and operations workflow platforms. They want to leverage automation and top-notch security to operate the business more efficiently and ensure complete protection for their global stakeholders, partners, clients, and themselves.

Business Requirements

To become a digital-driven media company that operates from a unified platform that makes use of people, systems, and data strategically. The client wants to promote and support growing mergers and acquisitions by leveraging the Azure cloud platform, analytics, and security while ensuring zero system-downtime migrations and attaining scalability, high-performance, fault-tolerance, and cost optimization.

Solution & Outcome

Keeping into consideration the lean business requirements and resiliency of applications and systems given to the nature of the industry, our cloud experts adopted a holistic approach to set up infrastructure, architect, design, develop and deploy applications. We have developed cloud-agnostic architecture to help them leverage all the best tools, technologies, and frameworks available in the market that support them to jump on new strategies and operations easily.

We help the client end-to-end and the journey begins by migrating legacy applications and data on the Azure cloud platform. We have migrated more than 10 petabytes of data, 10000+ tables, approx. 1 million user analytics processed jobs. With the help of AKS, we have orchestrated more than 350+ microservices of multiple applications of 25+ sub-projects and deployed on 600+ nodes. Azure Container Apps PREVIEW, Container Instances, and Azure Functions have also been used to support serverless applications.

With the help of SRE and DevSecOps best practices, we have implemented robust security and monitoring of data and applications.

Cloud-based ETL and data integration services have been provided using Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Microsoft Power BI on Azure to support instant reporting and data visualization.

Our cloud solutions have enabled the client to become a media powerhouse that uses data at every step of decision making, embraces new age technologies easily with help of integrated automation and security, and reduced cost in overall operations.

Technology stack

Azure spot VMs, Linux VMs, Azure Database; MySQL, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL (Cosmos), Azure backup, Azure Blob storage, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Azure Container Apps PREVIEW, Container Instances, and Azure Functions, Azure Front door, Azure Bastion, Azure DDoS protection, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage and Microsoft Power BI on Azure, Grafana, Prometheus, Terraform, MERN stack, Golang, Brigade.Js

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