Tag: data analytics

Data Engineering and Analytics

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Healthcare

Leonard D’Avolio, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Cyft – a company helping organizations use technology to adjust their workflow and system to reduce cost and improve outcomes – sees artificial intelligence not as a solution but as a capability. He also said, “change in healthcare is hard, but change is…

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Cloud Security and DevSecOps

Secure Healthcare Data

How To Secure Healthcare Data On Cloud?

The healthcare sector generates and manages extensive volumes of sensitive data critical to ensuring quality patient care and positive health outcomes. However, with the introduction of eHealth applications in an already complex and data-rich environment, healthcare organizations are facing new challenges. They must swiftly adapt to support more patients, comply…

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Application Modernization

Healthcare Interoperability

How Will FHIR Transform The Health IT Landscape?

The connected health ecosystem is becoming increasingly important as technology continues to advance and healthcare systems become more complex. In 2023, the importance of a connected health ecosystem will propel multifold to support better remote monitoring, personalized care, improved efficiency, and better data analysis needs. There are several stats and…

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