Modern Data Capabilities With Automation Achieved With Cloud




Argus West Investigations aspired to leverage next-gen data and cloud technologies to support faster and better business processes. They aim to modernize and fully automate their web-based case management software and healthcare CMS to achieve better performance, data capabilities, and easy reporting.

Business Requirements

Revamp the web-based case management software with modern programming languages, frameworks, and cloud technologies. And to integrate data engineering capabilities for healthcare CMS to empower their digital investigators and partners with better workflow management, fraud analytics, risk management capabilities, and more features for achieving operational efficiency while reducing cost.

Solution & Outcome

Our experts leverage Angular with .net core framework, C#, Entity Framework, SQL SERVER 2019, and Google cloud storage and revamp their web-based case management system into a unified platform allowing access to data when required while delivering an intuitive and interactive user experience. For healthcare CMS, we used a full suite of Google Cloud Services like Dataproc, BigQuery, Firestore, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Cloud Storage, FastAPI along with Python to develop and deploy data pipelines. We help the client to extract critical data for consolidated storage and reporting and unleash only trusted data from their system. Integrating MeiliSearch is yet another factor helping Argus West save cost by being open-source, super customization options, and providing features for user experience and retention.

Technology Stack

GCP; Dataproc, BigQuery, Firestore, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Cloud Storage, Python, FastAPI, .NET Core, SQL SERVER 2019, C#, Entity Framework, Angular 10

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