Multifamily Marketer Mitigated IT Security Risk With Pen Testing

Real Estate


To increase customer satisfaction and retention while establishing robust internal and external security practices. RentSync also needed to comply with required compliance requirements to ensure the security of data while cost-effective risk mitigation measures.

Business Requirement

RentSync wanted to identify vulnerabilities within the existing system and remediate them with the help of penetration testing methodology. Given their industry, they also needed to maintain business continuity and compliance requirements according to SOC2 and other standards for improved innovation, customer trust, and smooth business operations.

Solution & Outcome

Following the best practices and methodologies, Successive performs a full black-box organizational pentest to identify vulnerabilities and share complete remediation reports comprising technical reports and POCs. With the help of experienced security engineers, we performed simulated attacks pointing out authentication bypass and anomalies in the system’s configuration. We further established standards and compliance, including SOC2, OWASP, and SANS, ensuring they run their business securely and confidently.

Technology Stack

BurpSuite Professional, Nessus, and Nmap


Case Study

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