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Successive Cloud’s Modern Application Development Services enable you to meet business priorities and position for growth through orchestration platforms. We follow platform-based DevSecOps approaches leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools & technologies to Plan, Design, Build, Deploy and Manage Cloud First and Mobile First applications. Whether it’s about customizing software to address specific business needs or introducing legacy applications in a modern environment, we provide applications that are scalable, composable, and cross-platform compatible. Our PaaS cloud-native services ensure improved performance and agility of applications through data-driven assessments, rapid development, and modern technology adoption.

Our Application Development & Modernization Services

Our future-proof technologies and AWS services empower you to achieve the maximum business value. We build innovative custom solutions on the cloud based on your business needs with automation, operational resilience, and business agility.


Successive Cloud experts analyze your business requirements and create a fully customized solution that fits into your business model. Also, we help you develop a complete strategy for selecting the most appropriate tech stack, AWS services, and right development tools.


Our certified AWS solutions architects understand the technology landscape, manage APIs and deliver innovation with the right results. We design highly optimized applications using cloud-native, including microservices, containerization, or serverless architectures.

Application Modernization

Our application modernization techniques extend the lifespan of the application by re-hosting, re-factoring, and re-architecting the legacy applications from monolithic to microservices and container-based architectures while improving security and mitigating risks.

Application Development

Successive Cloud’s engineering team follows agile product development methodology and DevOps practices, enabling you to build and launch your product in iterations with frequent releases and deliver high business value to your end-users.

Well-Architected Solution

Our 6 pillar foundation of AWS Well-Architected Framework helps you to build a secure, high-performance, reliable and efficient cloud infrastructure. We also work with you to improve your deployed applications over AWS, validate your needs and the current configuration.

Security-First Approach

Our engineering services remove the product's security threats by integrating security and compliance as the first approach in project development. Our standard method and practices comprise DevSecOps and Cloud Security from the beginning.

Technical Design Document

We provide clear definitions and documentation in Technical Design Document (TDD) that explains what needs to be created and how it would be implemented with the desired system architecture, required components, and the data migration process.


We identify designs, build prototypes, and functionality of the final product and style guide on UI/UX operations for customizability and accessibility while providing seamless user experience and intuitive interface design with consistency across platforms.

Software Testing

Our testing services work on on-site, off-shore, or hybrid engagement models, make the code error-free, and cover performance, user acceptance, functional, security, integration, alpha & beta, and regression testing per the business requirements.

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Benefits Of Modern Application Development For Enterprise

Our modern application development services enable enterprises to evolve with modular architectural patterns, serverless operational models, and agile development processes, ensuring continuous innovation and scale responsiveness. It encompasses approaches that focus on using only advanced methods, tools, technologies, and best practices that seamlessly integrate into your business workflow.

Speed to Market

Deliver reliable products, have a faster user experience, and better compete in the market by speeding up build and frequent releases with AWS.

Increased Innovation

Prepare modular architecture to make the changes into individual applications’ components quickly and lower risk to the whole application.

Cost of Ownership

Reduce development costs for building modern applications with a right pricing model, offloading infrastructure management, and rightsizing the resources.

Higher Reliability

Enable automated testing and release processes to minimize error rates and enhance monitoring at every stage of SDLC to make applications more reliable at deployment.

Workload specific Tools

Selecting the right tools and AWS practices based on the business requirements and each workload of organizations for better productivity and efficiency.

Better Collaboration

Allowing engineers to work at maximum speed on any device, anywhere, for improved collaboration and to have centralized data in AWS cloud.

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