Cloud Security and DevSecops

Cloud Security and DevSecops

Successive follows a holistic approach to achieve the security objective through the automation and integrate the framework and technologies to secure both the application and pipeline. We believe in open collaboration with clients to set the common expectation & metrics and channelize the business priorities accordingly.

Our Cloud security and DevSecOps model follows governance model that includes:

  • Security automation enablement
  • Security monitoring metrics
  • Policies and procedures establishment
  • Automated audit & compliance management
  • Well-defined DevSecOps roles and responsibilities

We Can Help You

Assign least privileges and well define access control

Isolate containers running services from each other

Secure all your APIs and reduce exposed APIs

Automate security testing and security updates

Automate configuration capabilities and eliminate manual error

Leave no blind spot and continuous incremental improvement

Our Services

Network Security

Identify network topology issues, fortify your workloads, and protect your systems from attackers

Identity Management

Manage system logins, enable audit trails, and access control to safeguard your application

Data Security

Identify data leaks and secure the infrastructure that leads to such vulnerabilities

Cloud Security

Assess & improve the cloud infrastructure & security requirements based on your business needs


Assess and protect your company s data and sensitive information publicly available on the internet


DevSecOps means thinking about application and infrastructure security from the start. It also means
automating some security gates to keep the DevOps workflow from slowing down.

We follow an industry defined approach

Operational Excellence

Ability to run and monitor applications to deliver business value


Ability to protect the workloads, application and infrastructure


Ability of the system to recover from infrastructure failure

Performance Efficiency

Ability to use cloud infrastructure and resources efficiently

Cost Optimization

Ability to achieve the business objectives at the lowest cost

Our technology platforms

We have strong partnerships with the world's top tech and cloud infrastructure companies

Successive Advantages

Results Driven

We help our clients achieve their goals, with increased revenue, save cost, and increase brand value with our best-in-class technology solutions.

Tailor made Solutions

Strong solutioning and implementation capabilities with technology within Enterprise web, Enterprise mobile apps, Digital Experiences, Innovation, Creative, Data and Cloud.

Award Winning Creative Agency

Creating outcome driven customer experiences that connects brands with end users and help with conversions.

Client Partnership

We believe in consultative, creative and technology client partnerships with our vision to become a trusted adviser.


Our best-in-class operations, delivery methods and tools help accelerate clients programs.

Time to Market

With our rapid prototyping and accelerators, we launch programs faster, helping clients speed up their time to market.